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On this, the day before the 4th of July (2004), we drove down Interstate 5 to Six Flags Magic Mountain (their pretty web site). While their web site is all pretty and stuff, I guess I was hoping for more amusement in a theme park, and less carnival / county fair events. But amongst my disappointment, I managed to find a few rides that were actually operating today... all for the low-price of $46.99 before coupons. (Disneyland is about the same price, but golly, they seem to have a greater percentage of rides open at any given time.)

The odd shadows are due to us arriving around 3pm. It'd have been sooner, but we stopped for lunch. Goliath was the first ride we hit. The line was an hour or so, and the ride lasted just over a minute. Batman was the second one in our list, and again, over an hour in line, and one minute for the ride.
We switched gears and walked around a bit, taking a look at all of the rides that weren't open today. Along the way, we were barraged with a ton of booths that made me feel more like I was at the fair. This looks fun. And it should -- it's one of the several things you can do if you want to pay extra.

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