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Sutter Creek

The town has a history that counts several centuries in the making, the 2,300 residents and myriad of tourists keeps the town hoppin'. We were essentially in town after a long trip from Wicktonville to pick up some equipment for the fire department, so I figured when in Rome... look around.

Sutter Creek Sutter Creek Sutter Creek
Beats the heck out of a green and white sign, and all courtesy the school's art department. Hmmm... an interest twist of history -- reminds me of Alturas' Great Duck Race. The fire department seemed to be about as big as this one rescue truck. But it beats nothin', right?
Sutter Creek Sutter Creek Sutter Creek
The main street, as seen as you come into town from the south (on the left) and then as you leave from the north (on the right) -- unless, of course, you go the other direction. The classic white-steepled church -- but you can't ignore the classics.

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