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Conference | 2006

It's been a while since I've been off to a trade show or conference, but this was the first I was asked to attend to assess a new product or service. The Township is considering a software tool to train, track, and manage the town's government employees (not a huge task considering there, what, 10-12 of them?). Alas, it's a trip to new places to meet new people.

Conference Photos Conference Photos Conference Photos
The opening address was delivered by the CEO, set against a giant globe. Mmmm, globe. An army of servers guarded the meal areas, though I was able to get in without washing my wings. The fact that there were various flavored spreads and butters is probably why guards were needed.
Conference Photos Conference Photos Conference Photos
With a bit of searching, I was able to ferret out a table of nibbles that was unguarded... good 'n tasty! The Solution Showcase was where the various vendors came to show off their stuff... not bad... For the closing address, I ended up in back; something about coming in late, I guess.

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