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Parked in the middle of Berkeley is UC Berkeley, a 100+ year old site of higher education, radicals and constant 'under construction' signs. But a Sunday stroll through the campus allows you to see the sights of the place without being buried by the student body's student bodies. (And if you're bored and in the neighborhood, free tours are available of the campus, as described here.)

We began at Sather Gate (built in 1910), donated by Jane Sather in memory of her hubby, Peder. Sather Tower (The Campanile), built in 1913-14, is standing high above the campus (~300 feet). South Hall was built in 1875, after North Hall was built in '73. Brick? Yup -- this is before the '06 quake.
It's rumored that "UC" stands for "under construction," giving rise to the hope of a "built in 2004" site. Totally off topic, but on campus: a minivan with an anti-minivan bumper sticker on the door?!? I feel so cheap: I perched on him and I can't remember his name. Just like some dates, so I hear...

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