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For some reason, when I saw the sign I thought of a show on the WB, but I was obviously mistaken. No, not Smallville, either. But still a rather nice town, lots of activity, people playing at the softball field, and not the sleepy sort of town I often see, despite it being nearly noon on a Saturday.

Yup, just a sign. Haven't seen one of those before, have we... According to signs on the highway, Westwood is the home of Paul Bunyan and Babe. Super. Y'know, I was surprised when the school bus was really #1... I was kidding. I wonder if there's a #2.
By driving on the No Trespassing path, you can get closer to this train car; I think it's a snow-blower. What's more American than boating on Lake Almanor while having a BBQ on the bow? Most homes were rather nice, but if you're looking for more of a fixer-upper, well, Westwood is for you.

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