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The population was about 1,600 from the last census. Given the number of abandon gas stations, stores, and what appears to be an old truck weigh station, I'm guessing that either the highway used to pass through town, or perhaps it was the main road in the heyday of Route 66. But in either event, I couldn't find anything online to prove this theory as anything other than hot air.

Lacking a sign or official posting of place or population, I settled for this from the local towing concern. Upton's Market, which is "complete", ranging from beer to soda to magazines, per the sign. Do they mean it's the best fast food, or do they really mean "best", as in, allegedly?
The site of the original Del Taco, but that must have died off, to yield to the Burger Den. Gas station, abandoned, along Yermo's main street. And what appears to be a truck scale, just off of the current Interstate 15 path.

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