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Since its formation as the third National Park on October 1, 1890, Yosemite remains an incredibly popular park year-round. (Yellowstone claims the first park -- which I visited in 2002 -- and Sequoia National Park beat out Yosemite by a week.) After paying out the $20 to gate ranger Sarah Flint, we were off and running.

As with all things Frank, this begins with a sign. And what a sign it is. The roads have been updated to split traffic, but the meadows we pass remain still lovely as ever. The meadow along the exit road, minus the flowers, but is able to boast a nifty view never the less.
Bridal Vail Fall, with nothing but a teeny trickle of water. Serves us right for coming in September. The deer are anything but shy. This hot buck was grazing just outside of the cafe building. Fall colors are scarcely found, but are peeking through the evergreen trees here and there.

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