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Yesterday, I celebrated my 18th birthday on the west coast, and today, I began a week-long visit to Hollywood (Florida) on the east coast. Of course, I traveled alone (yup, no Tubby), and managed to meet all sorts of girl types -- providing the albatross around my neck isn't my height or breed, it's Tubby.

Hollywood city sign Hollywood water tower Hollywood police traffic stop
It's not often you see a sign that incorporates tiles into its design -- I like it. I'm sorry, but without a water tower, I just don't feel like I'm in a new town. Mission: accomplished. Good thing I'm sober and wearing my seat belt -- there's cops all over the place in this town.
99 cent store Fashion Bug store Hollywood beach
Since I was hanging out with a trio of girl types, it was inevitable that I was going to spend time shopping. But they bought me a drink afterwards, so I guess it made it all worthwhile. :) You can't go to Florida and not visit the beach, so I took my Mickey Mouse towel to the water.

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