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I figured that as part of seeing the entire 49-state expanse of the U.S., I shouldn't pass-up a chance to go to Key West.  Tubby tried to discourage the idea given the 160 mile detour (each way) from Miami along the Florida Keys, but I was not deterred. 

Key West, Florida Key West, Florida Key West, Florida
Some signs are just in friendly places, others involve hopping more traffic than I'm prepared for. One of the Kapok trees, a lofty thing of up to 130 feet and known for his long, horizontal branches. The is the southern-most shore of the southernmost point of the [continental] U.S.
Key West, Florida Key West, Florida Key West, Florida
In the city proud of its conch shells, I would be fowl had I not been photographed upon one. Ernest Hemingway's home (not his only one, but he did spend a number of years in this ol' Key.) As cited in several places, Key West claims to be home of sunsets. See? We must be home.

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