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It seems that this well-known restaurant with the "Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined" tag line, opened in Savannah on October 2nd, so it was by no small stroke of luck (no pun intended) that I happened to wander by for dinner on October 3rd. Despite it being a Wednesday, they were quite busy for 9:20pm. I was seated immediately, although likely because of space, and not because of my diminutive stature, behind a small retaining wall about four feet high. Needless to say, it was enough to keep me from seeing over it, since the table wasn't that tall. The Bald One was able to apparently see the tops of people's heads while seated, or shoulders up when standing; we both could see through the one opening in the wall, but it wasn't what you'd call an outstanding view of anything beyond the first table outside of the opening.
The place itself was clearly not one established for fine dining. The majority of the patrons, not surprisingly, were male, in groups of between two to four, and largely having wings and the mandatory two beers. We were unique in that and other reasons, clearly. There were no other tables with only one human diner, and no others with a fowl at the table. Our server, Shannon, is apparently from Sarasota or Clearwater, Florida (I forget), and was quite pleased when we told her no, she didn't have an apparent southern accent. (At the same time, I had lamented the fact I've yet to hear more than one or two words spoken with the enchanting dialect of which I'm so fond.) She's here through the 12th helping to open this newest store.

The staff is distracting, and Baldie didn't even manage to begin reading his new Jack Higgins paperback. He seemed torn between looking at Ashley, a brunette of about twenty or so with boundless energy, and the need to bounce or hop just about the entire 90 minutes we were there... even when standing in place she was fidgeting. While we'd both heard tales of Hooters, I figured (incorrectly) the place was a bar for owls. Baldie figured there would be revealing tank tops, but seemed wholly unprepared for the curt nature of the shorts. It didn't seem to trouble him much, though.

The other girl was nameless, some blonde girl whose nametag was far more complicated to read, since she spent a greater deal of her time by the entry way, and carrying food orders to tables. Ashley, on the other hand, was more the social butterfly, flitting from table to table, making her presence known, and generally relishing in the attention. The sign over one of the server stations reads, "Hooters Girls Are Flattery Operated." In at least one case, it was overly apparent. At the table behind us, seated with three guys and a somewhat bored-looking blonde, we heard "quit trying to get laid; it just ain't gonna happen." I guess he thought he was going to get in good with the staff, as he was one of the four birthdays; he's turning 26... he's a bit old for such optimism, I thought. Strangely enough, their server was also Shannon, and I'm reasonably sure that if she was going to date a customer, it'd be an adorable duck before a deplorable dork. But perhaps I have a bias.

The food itself was not overly remarkable, but then again, he had a bacon cheeseburger, and I had his curly fries. They were lightly seasoned, to which I'm largely indifferent, but they were crisp and crunchy, which made them a winner in my eyes. Not something I would drive hundreds of miles in order to partake, but if it's local, I'd voice no complaint in returning. Despite being stuffed (I literally, the boy figuratively), we engaged in the cheese cake, which was covered in caramel and almonds... which were, fortunately, easily scraped off. Neither he nor I am overly fond in the crunchy contraptions.

In the 90 minutes from 9:20pm to 10:50pm, we had six hula-hoop games, four birthdays complete with singing and clapping, one instance of Ashley on a chair trying (unsuccessfully) to get everyone's attention... for what reason I do not know. In a move of marketing genius, Shannon approached as we were finishing dinner, with one of the 2002 calendars in one hand, and asked if Baldie would be interested in purchasing one for only $11.95. He said no (yup, surprised me, too), but he did order shirts for himself and Norm, one for me as well (although quite as an afterthought, I'm sure). It's a bit on the large size, but I'm going to have it tailored. I found it a little disquieting that smoking is permitted, but moreover, that it's allowed by folks sitting facing into the kitchen area. Obviously, the California Health and Safety Code don't apply in Georgia, but it seems like just a bad idea to allow... maybe it's just me, I dunno.

Overall, I would go back. Maybe even tomorrow; they have grilled cheese on their menu (a tri-fold 8.5"x11" gray marble speckle 100# paper printed in brown and orange), and it sounds oddly appealing. And I'm sure I won't have a hard time getting Chrome Dome to drive me, since he's been equally cooped up in the hotel for nearly a week. And now off I go...


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