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Sure, it's the state capitol of Montana, and I know you're as excited as I am to see it -- well, wait no more! Despite the capitol being perched here, Helena remains just the sixth largest community in the state, with Billings standing a full three times larger, and a wing-ful of cities in between in terms of total peeps living there.

Sure, it looks like rain, but it's actually 9pm and after sunset... long days in the summer. Helena is the capitol of Montana.  The city's population is about 29,000 people, plus or minus. A halfway decent sunset, Helena-style.  Of course, after sunset, the town goes to sleep...

Unlike most places, the "special" price increased dramatically... but only on Sundays. A fixer-upper vehicle, complete with the air duct-sealing tape to keep the headlights in place. They still -- barely -- have my beloved Pepsi products, but here they're "pop," not "soda".

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