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Monument Valley

It's been about 2 1/2 years since I last visited the Valley, but this time managed to venture further into the park. This time, it was a $5 per human admission fee -- ducks are still free -- but we got right up close to the formations this time around.

Frank in Monument Valley Buttes in Monument Valley Camel Butte in Monument Valley
When you're out in the Southwest, you gotta wear the right hat, lest you look like a tourist. West (left) and East Mitten Buttes, with Merrick Butte off to the right. Camel Butte, as you look head on; from the side, it didn't look too much like a camel to me, though.
Three Sisters German tourists in Monument Valley Monument Valley
Three Sisters formation along the 17 mile long Valley Drive, within the Monument Valley park. A bunch of German tourists took turns sitting on the horse ($1 each) for photo opportunities. As we leave the park behind, I thought the view was something rather impressive.

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