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Dayton's claim to fame is being Nevada's first permanent settlement back in 1851, with the discovery of gold in them thar hills. The cemetery is an old one, and still used, bearing the burial details going back 150+ years. The historic area is also pretty neat; the modem one is... well, just like most everywhere else.

Dayton, Nevada Dayton, Nevada Dayton, Nevada
Town had begun miles before, but at long last I found a sign, and for this, I was thankful. One of the mobile homes... and even so, a bit more quaint than those in Silver Springs. The high school and community center of days gone by. But a cool building.
Dayton, Nevada Dayton, Nevada Dayton, Nevada
Across from the high school is the red brick hotel -- but if you leave the historic area, you'll find others. I'm guessing there's more of a problem with abandoned pets here than you'd think, hence the sign. The Dayton Cemetery is one of the longest, actively maintained cemeteries in Nevada. Neat, eh?

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