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A good two hours' drive from Reno sits Fallon, along Highway 50 and not necessarily near much else for a ways in any direction. But it's where Highway 50 meets Highway 95, and 95 has a Motel 6 on it, so things could be far less civilized when you get down to it. Or... not.

Fallon, Nevada Fallon, Nevada Fallon, Nevada
A myriad of signs and service groups, but it wasn't until downtown I found a regular sign. Downtown Fallon, a la the old parts. A cute little area, with the brick buildings and such. I think any place that is so bold as to feature a cow on its sign really doesn't need t advertise pasta.
Fallon, Nevada Fallon, Nevada Fallon, Nevada
Some things are just self-explanatory. I guess there's a New High School somewhere...? A fun center? Doesn't look like too much fun, but maybe I shouldn't judge a book by the cover. Contrasting to the fun center, the park looks like a downright cute place to hang out with the peeps.

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