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My first visit, but as we soon learned, not my last...

At the fab city of Primm, Nevada, which is too teeny to be officially on the map. A mere 42 miles later (which worked out to 28 minutes, you do the math), we were in Las Vegas... I'm checking in (that's Rita there), and some chick pinches my tail... the nerve of complete strangers!!!
The temperatures were in the charming 100F range, which called for a trip to the pool. Wandering around the Boulevard left me with handfuls of adult ads... results here (wink wink) Without any success, I wandered the strip... no pun to be inferred.  Me at MGM Grand...
...New York New York,  complete with memorial in front of Lady Liberty (not shown)... ... and Excalibur, the site of my stay, my embarrassing calls to chicks, and stolen room items. And if you run over, you can even sit on their horseys... (I'm small, but look at the size of that horse!)
Field trip to the damn dam - Hoover!  As seen from the Nevada side... ... and the Arizona side.  Not as big as it looks in "Fools Rush In", by the way...  :( If you want to see where all that waa-waa is going -- power to run your computer and visit my site!

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