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Sitting on the southeastern side of Pyramid Lake where Highway 446 ends at Highway 447, on the Pyramid Lake reservation, home of 418 or so people (if you trust government census takers). I didn't see much in the way of signs of life, although there was laundry out on the clothes line at one house.

Nixon post office Nixon tribal offices Pyramid Lake police station in Nixon
Lacking anything that looked like a sign, I figured the post office is the next best The tribal offices. Which were closed, given it was a Sunday. But they have water tower. Why does a police station need bars on the windows and doors? Do people break INTO stations?
Home with laundry on the clothes line Home with a green back yard Pyramid Lake
Sunday is a fine day for putting your laundry out to dry here in Nixon. Life on the north side of town means you'll have a bit of green in the yard (not found in other area). Along the far shore of Pyramid Lake is, what I'm guessing, part of the reason for the name. Maybe?

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