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There are some very unique areas of Nevada... such as Reno and Las Vegas, for example.  This trip was nowhere near either place, or for that matter, anything else.  Route 8A is instead the site of the nearly fatal journey by a young couple across Nevada, in the winter, that was ill-planned at best, and just plain stupid at worst.  But they survived, able to multiply and breed successors.

Crossing into Nevada.  If you expected pavement beyond the California side, you're wrong... I guess because it's even posted as public lands... ... it means it's open season for firing practice... apparently, with shotguns.
It may be desolate, but it's good enough to dispose of your old, bullet-riddled stereo. In the half hour or so, we even saw a car.  And then the little turd passed us. Note the wide spot where I'm guessing most people turn around and stay in California.
Overall, though, there was some lovely scenery and the whole place was virtually untouched. ... Even if more than a few photos were taken in California (note the paved road). Strangely enough, this tall chick carried me around most of the day; stranger still, I liked it.

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