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At 4,500 feet, I guess it was reasonable to assume there'd be snow on the ground in late January. And I was right. Fortunately, most of our time was spent indoors, versus out in the chilly 30°F that is needed to sustain snow on the ground.

The snow in the hills does provide some nice contrast to the color of the place, I think. And the icicles are lovely, unless you have the misfortune of being under them when the fall down. Oh, you're just a pile of road-worn snow. Dirty, dirty snow, grr...
I'm no expert on such things, but I'd guess the snow-side of the piles of gravel face north. Nothing too special, but I thought the snow covering everything but the work area was sorta neat. Technically not Reno, but the road leaving town just outside Boomtown. But lovely, yes?

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