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Silver Springs

The population count tell me there's 4,700 or so people living here, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out where. The population is largely manufactured and mobile homes, with permanent foundations on the casino and government buildings. It's got a nearby lake, without the likes of which things would be even less interesting.

Silver Springs, Nevada Silver Springs, Nevada Silver Springs, Nevada
I'm guessing when your population is not much more than your elevation, why list numbers? One of the homes in town, though by no means an uncommon variety of residence here. The fire station, and one of it's half-dozen doors. And look, a solid foundation.
Silver Springs, Nevada Silver Springs, Nevada Silver Springs, Nevada
Nursing a reasonably low crime late is the Lyon County Sheriff's substation. The post office was the third of four permanent buildings I saw.. and it was a nice one. The casino was the last, which made a nice background for the lone traffic signal in town.

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