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Wadsworth is a quiet little town at the foot of where Highway 447 meets Interstate 80, and for a week and a half each year, becomes a major thoroughfare for the Burning Man attendees. For the other 50 weeks of the year, though, it's a nice little town.

Wadsworth, Nevada Wadsworth, Nevada Wadsworth, Nevada
Y'know, just the sign... but you have to start somewhere for everywhere one visits. The homes are nice, not too fancy but functional. Even a little lawn to lounge on during lazy afternoons. The school isn't quite as fortunate, and doesn't have any grass to play on; this is the playing field.
Wadsworth, Nevada Wadsworth, Nevada Wadsworth, Nevada
An outstanding, old schoolhouse that's now fallen by the wayside -- but they didn't have lawn, either. The Justice Court; the flag is at half-staff on account of it being Memorial Day weekend I visited. Built in 1907, it looks like it a train bridge that may have even been an auto bridge at one point.

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