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 "Empire State"  
 Motto:  Excelsior

"One of the few places [NYC] I was anxious to flee from." -Frank

Buffalo - The big, bustling city on the west side of New York... that isn't Niagara Falls. (Oct. '04)

Darien - Much to my surprise, this small town has a Six Flags (Darien Lakes) park here. (Oct. '04)

Malone - A good spot for sandwiches, or to visit one of the numerous churches. (Oct. '04)

Niagara Falls - Come for the view of Toronto, stay for the waterfalls. (Oct. '04)

New York City - This is one of the few places I clearly have to, and have been doing, in waves. (Oct. '04, Dec. '06)

Owego - This is the Village of Owego, as opposed to the Town by the same name in New York. (Feb. '07)

Potsdam - Home of a SUNY college campus, and the only downed tree we saw in New York. (Oct. '04)

Rochester - A big ol' town with some big ideas and buildings. Or something; I got nothing. (Oct. '04)

Rouses Point - Both in the dark and early morning light, this town was just adorable. (Oct. '04)

Salamanca - What started out as a turn between highways became a cute little town to visit. (Oct. '04)

Syracuse - A big town. Honestly, I didn't fall in love with the place, but they're not all winners. (Oct. '04)

Tupper Lake - I stopped in here on Jon (from Tubby's work)'s suggestion. It was a good idea. (Oct. '04)

Waterloo - Not just an Abba song, it's also a town -- since 1792. (Oct. '04)

Watertown - One of the cities perched along Lake Ontario. And they build with steel. (Oct. '04)

Waverly - One of two Waverly towns in New York, but the only one in Tioga County. (Feb. '07)

Cities I meant to do, but haven't yet...

New York - To be visited... someday. There's more stuff listed within each of the five boroughs, below.

  1. Bronx Borough
  2. Brooklyn Borough
  3. Manhattan Borough
  4. Queens Borough
  5. Staten Island Borough

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