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It's springtime, and what say spring more than meandering through Portland? And this being a Saturday, the farmers' market is open for business, and it's located just a few blocks from a parking garage that lets you rest your vehicle for only 95¢ an hour (for up to four hours). Just perfect!

Like most big cities, no many signs to tell you hello... but the fire department, er, bureau, will do. The Oregon Convention Center from a distance (the funny two glass towers). Today's Saturday, so we're here in time for the Saturday Farmer's Market. Cool!
If you prefer seeing things from a distance, I'd suggest looking from Williamette Park (parking is $4). :( I think the trolley system they have going is darn clever and quite adorable. Named after America's 28th president, and made of brick. Heck, kids here even like Sarah.

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