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 "Keystone State"  
 Motto: Virtue, Liberty, and Independence

"The first state to put their web site URL on vehicle license plates." -Frank

Allentown - I didn't see much of it, but of what I did encounter, it was cute. (Oct. '04)

Bethlehem - No manger to be found and plenty room at the inns, but still worth a wander. (Oct. '04)

Bloomsburg - Home of Bloomsburg University, and that was the bulk of the town, it seems. (Oct. '04)

Darby - A little borough within Delaware County as I wandered through. (Oct. '04)

Gettysburg - A particularly big battleground during the Civil War, but now mostly memories. (Oct. '04)

Harrisburg - The capital city of Pennsylvania, and neighbor to Hershey, PA (I didn't get there). (Oct. '04)

Philadelphia in 2004 and 2007 - At 1.5 million people, the City of Brotherly Love is the biggest city in the state. (Oct. '04, Feb. '07)

State College - Just as you'd expect, there's a state college here -- Penn State. (Oct. '04)

Stroudsburg - A good stopping place for lunch, petrol (gas), and a look around. (Oct. '04)

York - A cookie-cutter sort of small town, but no less cute. (Oct. '04)

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