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Home to a staggering 500+ people, Avon is far more than a line of skin products -- it's a pretty cute little town. C'mon, that downtown area and the fire truck, a few fancy houses and churches, the works.

Avon, South Dakota Avon, South Dakota Avon, South Dakota
The internationally recognized sign greeting me to explore yet another town. Main Street, in all her glory. One of the local fire department's vehicles; I'm guessing a volunteer group, so this one's on standby.
Avon, South Dakota Avon, South Dakota Avon, South Dakota
Amidst the old buildings stand some new ones, like this church building. I once heard a comment that a big barn and small house is normal; how about a big garage in town? If that last garage needs a run for its money, this house seems big enough to be impressive.

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