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State Flag

 "Mount Rushmore State"
Motto:  Under God the People Rule

"Stone heads of famous presidents; almost awe-inspiring." -Frank

Sign at State Line

Armour - A decent town to visit, good size, good people, and a brunette on Mill Street that's pleasing to the eye. (Jun. '03)

Avon - something (Oct. '07)

Blunt - Aside from the curiously chosen name, the town was nice, albeit a bit run-down. (Jun. '03)

Corn Palace - Yessir, it's a place dedicated to that crop that fuels much of the state's economy. (Jun. '03)

Corsica - No one to be found, until you wander over to the sports field. (Jun. '03)

Deadwood - For such an omnious name, it was a happenin' little town.  (May '02)

Delmont - A town of about 300, and if you're keen, Dick will sell you his store. (Jun. '03)

Dimock - Small town, very nice to look around, and one huge church amogst the small buildings. (Jun. '03)

Ethan - Another of those cozy places I so enjoy visiting, but not quite big enough that I could live there. (Jun. '03)

Fort Pierre - A small town opposite the Missouri from Pierre, and in a differnet time zone to boot. (Jun. '03)

Gayville - something (Oct. '07)

Harrold - Just a small town along Highway 14. But not without its own personality. (Jun. '03)

Hartford - A quaint little hamlet, but not too much found to photograph.  (May '02)

Highmore - Yet another small town with a curious-sounding name. (Jun. '03)

Holabird - A town consisting of a farm house and an abandoned brick school building. Tiny. (Jun. '03)

Lake Andes - The county seat of Charles Mix county, and... little else these days. (Jun. '03)

Meckling - something (Oct. '07)

Miller - A cool town, and on my short list of places I wouldn't mind living. (Jun. '03)

Mitchell - Home of 14,500 people as well as the Corn Palace... the only one like it in the world. (Jun. '03)

Mt. Rushmore National Memorial - Not as big in person as you'd think looking at it on TV and the movies, y'know.  (May '02)

North Sioux City - While we didn't do much more than survey the scope of how many Sioux-cities and towns were around, we were there.  (May '02)

Parkston - Never was a city so proud of offering internet banking and catering of broasted chicken. (Jun. '03)

Pickstown - South Dakota's newest city, founded in 1985. But by far not its smallest city. (Jun. '03)

Pierre - The state capital of South Dakota, and the home of a darn fine Dairy Queen. (Jun. '03)

Ravinia - A town that dropped from 85 or so last year to 79, but we didn't see a soul here. (Jun. '03)

St. Lawrence - The only town I've ever seen with a ZIP code on the water tower. (Jun. '03)

Sioux Falls - The home of a mock-up of the USS South Dakota, and some other stuff, too, I'm sure.  (May '02)

Stickey - The only town I've encountered to date with a RED water tower... fancy! (Jun. '03)

Tripp - The only town I've visited, to date, that has a business sponsor for a "Caution, children at play" sign. (Jun. '03)

Wagner - The home of 1,600 people, a Super 8 Motel, and a town Mogan Freeman spent the night in in early June 2003 when his light plane encountered bad weather. (Jun. '03)

Wessington - Another small town on the Highway 14 circuit. But no less cute than the others we visited. (Jun. '03)

Wolsey - A very small town, all told, perhaps eight businesses, all in a one block area or so. (Jun. '03)

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