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When I was in Memphis in 2002 as part of my Remember the Alamo Tour, I opted to skip the whole Graceland thing, honestly, because Tubby and I didn't care. But with Robin along for the ride, who knew that "TCB" meant "taking care of business," I knew we were in for a different sort of trip. (And apologies -- the picture quality varies because no flash photos were allowed, anywhere; no video or audio recording, either.)

And so I arriveth, the mecca of Elvis and rock 'n roll fans alike. Talk about larger than life. But it was something to look at while waiting in the ticket line. Waiting for our house tour, we did the auto museum tour; here are a few of his motorcycles.
Elvis had this purple Cadillac for a few years before it passed hands, and finally ended up back here. We then went to a memorabilia museum; not big, not fascinating to me, but here ya go. Then, off to the planes Elvis owned. This one is the Lisa Marie, named after his only daughter.

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