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Moses Lake, Washington

With little else on the social calendar, it seemed only fair to tag along on a road trip a bit north to Moses Lake (the local fire department was purchasing an additional fire vehicle). Much to my delight, the city of Moses Lake actually has water in and around it, not just one of those towns putting "lake" in their name to sound colorful.

Moses Lake, Washington Moses Lake, Washington Moses Lake, Washington
Like virtually any visit to a new place, I enjoy starting by knowing where I'm actually located. You'd think the only place in town to shop is park lots, where it's the Mazda-showcased oranges or the asphalt paradise of clothing, windows and ready-to-install cabinets. But no, there's real stores, too.
Moses Lake, Washington Moses Lake, Washington Moses Lake, Washington
To my delight, there's actually a lake in a town that claims that landmark in their name. Wherever you go, there you are... near a water tower. But I actually like water towers, so it works out. Few things scream out tolerance and an open-mind to me than a giant Confederate flag flyin'.

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