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We passed through Toppenish en route to Zillah, but when I discovered the town seems to have a reputation as the City of Murals. We saw several -- and all without graffiti. They do indeed rock as a community, I'd say.

Toppenish, Washington Toppenish, Washington Toppenish, Washington
A delightful wood sign, with a design showing the town is part of a Native American community. Two of the numerous murals in Toppenish. I am quite impressed with the civic pride in all ages to both paint these, and just as vital, not vandalize them with graffiti and other postings.
Toppenish, Washington Toppenish, Washington  
The uber-tall flagpole is perched amongst the greens at Pioneer Park; and another water tower. And when all else fails, a water tower. This one as seen from near the Yakima Co. FD Station #9.  

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