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Yakima is the home to nearly 75,000 people and the county seat of Yakima County (and home to the fair and Sundome at the fairgrounds). All told, I was surprised at just how large the city was, but it did make for finding accommodations, meals and movies a breeze.

Yakima, Washington Yakima, Washington Yakima, Washington
Lacking a proper city sign, I thought the delightful, co-branded Speedway - Pepsi sign would do. Seemingly the second tallest building in town, adding the flag pole still wasn't high enough. Predominately a flat community, a few folks perched their homes in the hill anyway.
Yakima, Washington Yakima, Washington Yakima, Washington
I'm no expert, but this may be one of those after-market changes, though imagine the fuel efficiency! This was about as close as we're going to get to the Sundome without entering the fair grounds. Self-storage places are a dime a dozen, but how many have British guards standing out front?

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