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A quaint little town, certainly, but the focus of our journey to Washington state. The Wicktonville FD had purchased some surplus hose from the fire department based out of Zillah, and we were the parcel service of the week. All in all, not a bad drive, and a nice visit.

Zillah, Washington Zillah, Washington Zillah, Washington
A colorful sign, certainly, and one that conveys pride in their school's wins. Downtown remains a quaint area, with the main road being the traditional [North] First Street. And along First Street sits the fire department headquarters, and our final destination over the weekend.
Zillah, Washington Zillah, Washington Zillah, Washington
Halfway up the hill sat one of those pretty white churches of yesteryear. From just down the road, you can see what I believe is Mt. Hood (in Oregon) out in the distance. What would a visit be without catching a glimpse and a photo of a local water tower?

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