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Well, I'm just your typical fowl.  I like to goof off just as much as the next duck, and in a perfect world, I could even get what I wanted more often than not.  I enjoy creating web pages, both for myself, and other ducks and birds of the air.  In our support group, we've found an appalling lack of techo-saavy birds in our community, and I just enjoy sharing my talents with others so that the birds can eventually recover from that nightmare of a negative PR campaign that Albert Hitchcock waged against us in the 60s with his terror-like film, The Birds.  Does he even grasp how far back he set human-bird relations?  Of course not.  He was just in it for the quick buck.   Damn human.

Anyway, At the moment, I'm torn between the fairy tail wedding to Minnie Mouse or Sarah Michelle Gellar.  Granted, they're both a number of years older than I am (Minnie's not telling, and Sarah was born on April 14, 1977, so she's only 10 years my senior).

Minnie Mouse and Frank Sarah Michelle Gellar and Frank Frank on a date with Rachel
Minnie's quite a hottie, but sort of older... really, really older. Sarah is also quite a dish, but again, older (not as old, though). This is for all of you that think it's all in my little stuffing-filled mind... real girl, really!

...Just imagine how perfect the world could be if this were real, and not just some fantasy of mine.  Even the real girl... I mean, c'mon.  you can say height and size don't matter, but I'm 10 inches tall.  That's a HUGE detail to overlook, don'tcha know.

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