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Links 'n Stuff - Two reasons. One, book, movies, CD, and stuff rule, and two, you'll be helping me become a millionaire. Only $999,997.34 to go!
T-Shirt - 'Cuz you're not going to find really rude, funny, and blasphemous t-shirts at your neighborhood Wal-Mart...
California Ducks Unlimited - The Official web site, and that of the main group, Ducks Unlimited. - Just cool, silly stuff.
Internet Movie Database (IMDb) - A rather good collection of movie, TV and other information... so good that I link to it from the up-and-coming "Spoiled Movie Endings" pages.
The Misanthropic Bitch - If she didn't live on the east coast, and liked dating ducks, I'd be in ducky heaven
Olga's Personal Page - This is the delightful girl I got to hang out with when I was in Sydney in September 2001. :)
The Onion - When I'm feeling less than totally witty, I make you read their content... tricky, huh? - Has a lovely duck game, The Pond... if you feel like shooting real ducks, I'd suggest you use this game instead, to get out all that angry, human hostility of yours.
Peeps Research - Dedicated to seeing what happens when you abuse those little marshmallow candy chicks, although it's not technically duck related, but I found it amusing.  If you prefer the real the Coca-Cola, I mean the official Peeps site, try here)
Point Sur State Historic Park and Lightstation - Everyone needs favorites, and mine (which sort of rubbed off from Tubby) is lighthouses and lightstations. I guess I just think they're neat, plus, what guy doesn't get all ga-ga over flashing lights? I can think of one balding example right off the top of my head.
A Rubber Duck in Every Bathroom - Shameless promotion of those little yellow rubber duckies.
The Rubber Duck Shop - Granted, they're only rubber ducks, but still... they're very cute.
Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About - A web page turned into a book available on, but terribly amusing to myself, and others who are amused by things that are amusing.
Who doesn't LOVE the llama song?

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