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There are certainly not official endorsements from the respective folks, but rather, who I endorse as the official providers of Frank activities...
Cotton Candy Blizzards!
C'mon, who doesn't like pizza?
Mmm, Frostys
Dairy Queen is the only place where I can get a cotton candy Blizzard, and those make me happy. Pizza Hut, outside of California, is actually like a restaurant. I like that. Wendy's is an excellent source for chicken nuggets and the exclusive provider of Frostys.
They're leaving the light on for you...
Are they still calling themself the Friendly Skies, or was that just in the 80s?
Now with Techron!
Motel 6 - It's not the Ritz, but it doesn't need to be -- decent rooms at a decent price. Perfect! United Airlines is the official carrier of me, since I'm not going to use my own wings to fly. Chevron helps make road trips possible... without them, we'd have to go to Shell. Ugh. - A pointless place in cyberspace, but now parked in my space.    

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