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All things Everything Else, in written form. Stories, written works, random poems, whatever.

Of course, these aren't directly about me, but if you're also all about me, check out my Blog (y'know, a web log, a sort of diary thingy).

  • Adrienne's Diary - I stumbled across this a few years back, and found it interesting reading.
  • Disneyland with Someone Else's Kids - A family vacation with the kids, as described by an unrelated and balding bloke.
  • Employee Resources - I figured everyone could use a bit of suggestion when it comes to resumes, cover letters, and resignation letters.
  • Horoscopes - It's far more accurate than anything I've found elsewhere; a bit direct and to the point, mind you.
  • The (Legal) Night Before Christmas - If you don't want to get sued telling Christmas stories, refer to this version.
  • One-Adam-12 - A handy cop radio guide for the dork in all of us.
  • Ordering Pizza in 2010 - I don't predict the future, but if you stop to think about the Information Age as its evolving...
  • Questions in Inquisition - If you think you're weird because you have questions about sex, you're not alone... see what a seventh-grade class had to ask during a sex education class.
  • Stuck in the 80s - If you know 80s music, or think you do, you'll be amused.
  • Tubby's Quotes - Or quotes I was amused by, and decided to jot down.

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