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Road Trip for Tower 43

This wasn't my usual road trip, honestly. Rather than going somewhere to see the place, I was traveling to accomplish a task (or help with it, rather). This time, we were purchasing a fire truck for the Township. The truck was in the Chicago, Illinois suburbs, and needed to come home nearly 2,400 miles. We did it in 47 hours -- go team! (The 47 hours doesn't include the 14 hours of flying and layovers to get there, of course...)

Road Trip with Tower 43 Road Trip with Tower 43 Road Trip with Tower 43
Flying into Chicago, the streets are neatly organized even from the air (though blurry, sorry). When I wasn't driving, I opted to perch on the spacious dash area, keeping an eye on the road. Sunset of the first day took place for us somewhere in Iowa as we neared the Nebraska state line.
Road Trip with Tower 43 Road Trip with Tower 43 Road Trip with Tower 43
One of our many rest stops. There was no heat (that we could find) in the truck, and with temp in the mid-20s, we were feeling them. Similarly, one of our many fuel stops, here in Rawlins, Wyoming. The white stuff, of course, is snow. This white stuff is salt deposits just west of Salt Lake and salt flats in Utah.

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