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Credit and Collections

As long as there have been money lenders and borrowers, there has existed credit and collections.  Accounting does all it can to ensure timely payment of debts owed to the Frank dynasty, however, there are some that are resistant to payment of monies they rightfully owe.  As such, we have a branch that deals with this very issue.  

Enter Ethan "The Enforcer" Giovanni*, a rough-and-tumble kid from the south side.  I was lucky to have The Enforcer join the team right around the same time he learned to stand up by himself, but before he became a burden on the Commissary by wanting to eat solid foots.  And yes, he may look mean, what with his West Side Story-esque attire and iron pipe (3/4" x 12"), but that's just part of the act to accomplish his job duties.  To combat those worries, I wanted to also show the more personal, softer side of The Enforcer. 

Ethan waits for a mark to show up at a meeting Ethan takes a break for lunch A tired Ethan takes a nap
Even while laying in wait, he's pained by the nature of the job -- but he still gets the job done. Life is like a jar of Simple Recipe Apples & Ham, mushed up.  Mmmm, mush... After a long day of enforcement activities, The Enforcer naps quietly.  

* Names have been changed to protect the innocent, the guilty, and the incredibly delightful.

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