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Fulfillment and Shipping Team

Spinning quarter

The Fulfillment and Shipping Team (FAST) is tasked with processing all requests for FrankStuff... eventually.  While the team name is FAST, the delivery is anything but that.  Of course, you get what you pay for, and when it's free stuff, free shipping, and free time of youths, ages 6-8, the turnaround time on shipping your stuff can vary as wildly as the temper of a spoiled only child.  But here you can meet the little scamp who stuffs my boxes during a visit to the FAST Center, where we followed the lad during his routine in this two-bit operation.  And yes, the shelves are bare... at the time of the visit to the FAST team, they were between the holiday rush of shipping FrankStuff (four requests in December 2001) and the spring shipment of B-Series pens and stadium cups.
Justin grabbs bubble wrap Justin takes a coffee mug out of stock Justin wraps the mug in bubble wrap
Like most shipping centers, the reliance on bubble wrap is key when shipping fragile stuff -- -- like ceramic FrankMugs, a delightful, 10-ounce dishwasher safe [top shelf only] mug. Packing up one of the famous FrankBalls into the mug... what's a mug without having a ball?
Justin packs a FrankStuff shipment Justin packs a FrankStuff shipment Justin packs a FrankStuff shipment
Proper packing guarantees you get your FrankStuff in one piece - or it's free! He's actually being a lot more gentle than it looks... after all, did you get your stuff in tact? This lucky recipient gets a pen and magnet, too!  (This one is for Marla, invoice #20020125063)
Justin seals the deal, er, box Justin seals the deal, er, box Justin shows his "paycheck" at the end of the job
Despite my best hopes of having a self-sufficient team, I still need to lend a beak at times... Particular with sticky parts of the process like the taping of the box. At the end of the day, the boy finds the value of a job well done -- two bits, or 25 (U.S.)

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