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Fire and Rescue

As with any decent-sized organization, the health and safety of our staff is pretty important.  (I mean, where else are you gonna find folks who work -- literally -- for chicken feed?  And did you see the low-grade muck I get away with feeding them in the commissary?  Exactly...)

So, as part of my out-of-court settlement for violations of the state Labor Code, child labor law violations, and the failure to wear a feather-net in my attempt at employment at Jack-in-the-Box, I had to establish a Fire and Rescue squad.  Fortunately, our offices aren't too big, and it didn't cost too much for the truck, the outfit, and finding someone to take the job. And, in having to replace the original fire chief (whose parole was recently revoked), I hired on Molly Springer.

Fire Chief Molly in her Jeep Chief Molly sees smoke in the distance Chief Molly takes off to the fire
We met the Chief at her car. She's insane for lights, and tends to run them whenever possible. Ever vigilant, the sight of smoke puts her on high alert. The dark plumes in the distance must be a grass fire... and she's off to take charge of things...!
Volunteer firefighter Laura    
To meet one of the Frank Fire & Rescue's firefighters, you usually don't have to wander far...    

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