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Executive Protection Detail
Protection Detail agent (unnamed)

Learning the lessons of instituting executive protection from U.S. History (the Secret Service wasn't responsible for presidential protection until after the second U.S. president, William McKinley, was assassinated in 1901), I have hired the services of a protective detail before it's too late.

As with anyone who lives in the public eye, I realize that while most folks are good, kind-hearted folks, there is always the occasional vulture who's out for nothing more than to fatally peck you.

Of course, there are also times where members of the protective detail must be less obvious in their presence.  (Driving around a SUV with a gold star on the door does call some attention to you, eh?)  So, odds are, should we bump into one another in a crowded local hang-out, that woman pushing the baby stroller or the elderly-looking man with the walker may not be all that they seem on first glance.  But in the end, my safe journey and visits here and there remain unchallenged.  And isn't that what any of us seek?

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