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Strategic Intelligence

There's far more to becoming a household name than just putting up a web site and sitting naked in front of a web cam 20 hours a day. No sir, it takes planning, strategy, and crud like that.

Based on the latest reports, we have a strong presence along the west coast, with a lot of activity in the Northern California and Portland, Oregon area. But, we have only sporadic market coverage in the rest of the United States, and as you can see in the strategic map, nothing in South America, Africa, Europe or Central Asia.

Col. Van Der Loo a the planning map Frank coverage in the United States Frank coverage outside the United States
Colonel Van Der Loo (ret.) works in SI-6 in a basement in a non-disclosed location. As you can see, we have decent coverage in the continental United States and Alaska... ... however, we have nothing to show for several continents.

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