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Travel and Tour Coordination

Every one of my outings are carefully planned and coordinated from the time I jump out of the chair in my home office to the time I get back home again.  If you've ever traveled with your cat to your new apartment, or your dog to grandma's house in the next state, you can begin to appreciate how tricky travel is with animals.  Now, add to that the complexity that the humans you're traveling with are being bossed around by a 10-inch (25 cm) tall duck.  Can you imagine the hassle I have to go through every time I fly?  Why, the x-ray machine alone is quite traumatic.

Enter Travel Coordination.  I can now drive, avoiding embarrassment at airports, and go wherever I want.  It's tricky; some places are only accessibly by boat or plane.  Hiring Justine to do all of the juggling between hotels, mapping trips and finding the best way to get from A to B to C, and back home to A, is such a relief to me.  She just gives my driver the map, colored in orange or pink, and even puts little sticky dots on cities that are the stopping place for the day.  With someone like Justine at the wheel, just about any dumb human can drive the car from here to there.  And believe you me, I've got me one of the dumber ones...

Justine at her desk Justine chatting with us Justine back at work at her desk
We caught up with Justine as she was working on the "Remember the Alamo" leg of the U.S. Tour. Justine did take a break from trip planning to pose with the tools of the trade. We're often reminded how time slips through your wings (or fins), so, she quickly gets back to work.

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