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Web Design Services

Once upon a time, it was just me doing the site. Sure, it's great for knowing your stuff, but when you're maintaining thus much stuff (the last count was nearly 2,400 HTML pages and 7,000 image files), you can go a bit nuts if you're doing it all yourself. Trust me.

Enter Web Design Services. This is actually a dovetailing of two branches that provide help with site design, maintenance and web logs and stats tracking. Web Design Services also covers our editor-in-duck, er, -chief, who's responsible for proofreading what is written. (But you can probably guess from the spotty writing style that we write more than the one editor has time to proofread.)

  1. Internal - The "Frank's Place" site team, and
  2. External - Frank Productions, which is available for web site design and content maintenance for our customers. (Not that there are are a lot of customers, of course.)

And no, no pictures. If you've ever seen the typical web designer in their windowless office, you'll understand -- and thank me -- for not subjecting you to photos of their bug-eyed stares and pale skin.

The nuts-and-bolts of what Web Services uses to work their magic:

  • Web pages are created using Dreamweaver MX (writing HTML by wing just plain sucks).
  • Labels and buttons are created, and pictures are resized, using Fireworks MX.
  • Fancy stuff will be using Flash MX (whenever I get around to learning how to do stuff with Flash).
  • Pictures are from a Olympus D-460 camera and aren't digitally altered in any way (except for one - guess which one).

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