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Comic-Con 2007

Comic-Con this year was held in San Diego, California, and I had the opportunity to tag along with some real fans (not that lump of lard I often travel with -- hurrah!). We were there for the duration, in lines, in the heat, and checking out some really funky folks in groovin' outfits. Authors, too! (Though they didn't seem to have to stand in lines as near as I could tell.)

Comic-Con 2007 Comic-Con 2007 Comic-Con 2007
Like all things me, it begins with a sign... Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop poses with a very handsome duck. Al from Fullmetal Alchemist.
Comic-Con 2007 Comic-Con 2007 Comic-Con 2007
A female Vash the Stampede character. A guy in costume of unknown type, intent, or focus. But neat. Cherry from the film Planet Terror that came out earlier this year.
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