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San Diego

True to form, I had a tricky time with the sign welcoming us to the city -- at least, without dying. But I got to look around, and a few pics of places here and there. And if you're looking for something more primitive, I'd suggest trying the Wild Animal Park or the Zoo.

Coronado-San Diego bridge San Diego harbor El Cortez hotel
I approached San Diego from Coronado via this cool bridge - the sign was mid-span of the bridge. Once in town, you get an okay view of the bridge and the ships from the harbor area. So, I wandered around downtown; nothing special about El Cortez, but I thought it looked cool.
SDSU campus SDSU campus electric cart Billboard ad for
During my San Diego stay, I did manage to hit the SDSU campus. See? If you're looking for SDSU branding, try the electric cart... I had to read it a second time; I was surprised it was so in-your-face. But it made me smile.

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