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Berkeley conjures up ideas of the Cal Bears' home of UC Berkeley, as well as reminiscence of the 60s, radical ideas and actions, protests, and for [San Francisco] Bay Area types, further images of cops in their blue meanies responding to protest in their own, unique style.

Like most places, it begins with a sign, albeit an unimpressive one. Telegraph Avenue, or simply "the Ave," tends to be a place of great sight, sounds, and smells. If you've only got three minutes and are starving for curry, there are places here that can help.
Needing an outfit for Hitzilyal's bar mitzvah, I tried to find an outfit -- but they don't have a sari for that. You just can't help but feel reassured with leaving your car to be fixed by such a man. Nearby, I bumped into a car that was colorfully tiled to form a fish mosaic. Nifty.
Back in '86, the Peoples Republic of Berkeley enacted a nuclear-free zone, which they're quite proud of.    

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