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The last full day was spent in the City of Avalon on the island of Catalina, floating around beyond the Los Angeles coast like a red-headed step-child.  I split my time on the island between taking a semi-submerged tour of the harbor (didn't get wet like snorkeling, and better than a silly, traditional glass-bottomed boat).  The other half was spent wandering around the touristy area, complete with golf carts (in lieu of cars), lots of quaint shops, and of course, a Taco Bell and KFC. 

Catalina as seen from Deck 11 of the ship... (same place the sunset picture was taken later) As we took the tender from the ship to shore, you begin to soak in the charm of this little town. Just soaking in more charm...
My seat on The Starlight, a semi-submerged boat, before we got underway. Like all things, there's no guarantee of seeing fish, just tons of kelp, unless... They cheat and feed the fish to bribe 'em to come closer; alas, it was an impressive showing.
The beaches weren't bad, either, but this place was too far from Taco Bell... But from the right place, you can even see the Viking Serenade floating out there. If nothing else, Catalina is good for great sunsets.  Look at the vibrant colors!

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