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Six miles south of Gerlach, or maybe 100 miles north of Sparks, Nevada along Highway 447 sits Empire, home of the United States Gypsum plant. And as near as I can tell, they're the biggest employer except for the gas station.

Empire city sign E mpire gas station Cat in the Hat statue
The gypsum plant is down the road as the town, which made it seem like it was private. Nope. I appreciate the honestly of the welcome sign. And the gas price is about the same as in Reno. The Cat is nice enough, but the little guy in his right hand is a replica of the Burning Man man.
City park Empire golf course Community church
As parks go, it's not bad. And it's a nice place for the little ones to play. For the adults, they can play at the private golf course, although it's not very golf course-ish. One of two churches; this is the community church, with the non-portable one being Catholics.

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