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The population of this little town is approximate; most of the census places seem to bundle the population with Empire, and combined are between 490 and 600. It's a cute little town, and a railroad focal point given all the traffic.

Gerlach city sign Water tower
It took some doing, but if you go along Highway 447 on the north side of town, you'll find the sign. The apparently historic water tower. A fund is being taken up if you'd like to help restore it. I suspect this would one of the bars that you can't donate to the water tower restoration fund.
Train and depot Gerlach country club Gerlach park and medican center
The Western Pacific Railroad was how the town was born, around 1905-1909. (Union Pacific today.) This is either the Bruno's "Country Club" or the "Bruno's Country" club. Either way, bring a pick-up. The Gerlach Medical Center (left) and town park; they share a helicopter landing spot, it seems.

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