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Blair lays claim to nearly 900 lives... of those living here. It reasonably teeny, but close enough to big town like Altus (10 miles south of Blair) to provide a Wal-Mart or Hastings for those quiet evenings at home with a DVD. Or to load up on 9, yes, 9 bottles of Diet Pepsi in a 36 hour period (ahem, Tubby?).

A simple (yet functional) statement about what they call this plot of earth. And here I thought we'd come in the main door. (Nah -- it's just the back of the steakhouse.) The Blair City Traffic Light. Depending on your fortune and direction, it's yellow or red.
And the Blair City Park. (If you drive far enough around, you'll find a swing set and some other stuff.) Some homes were better than others; this one would be one of those better than those others. Coming full circle, we're back on Highway 283, where we find the Blair Mart located.

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