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Burning Man 2007

Each year, there are the untold warnings about dust storms and white-outs -- aptly named, given all you'd see is the whiteness of sun-lit airborne dust. Thursday was the first day I actually experienced anything like the brochures said, and it lasted for more than an hour. (Yes, I'm still blowing dust out from under the down feathers.)

Dust Storm! Dust Storm! Dust Storm!
Seeing our neighbor went from clear skies to not being able to see but 100 feet, and... ... two minutes later, their tent is nearly all you could see. The RV 20 feet behind him is all but gone. At 3:37pm, things were just starting to clear, and you start to see the blue sky once more.
Dust Storm! Dust Storm! Dust Storm!
Like the tent above, this visibility went from bad to worse fast -- these two photos were taken less than a minute apart. After clearing a bit, the clouds and dust reversed directions, and came back; this was at 6pm.
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